Ballet is for everyone!

Outreach and Scholarships

Through our Outreach and Scholarship Programs, The New Ballet provides access to classical ballet to our San Jose Community.
The goal of our educational outreach program is to provide opportunities for local students to have a meaningful encounter with ballet and music through classes, demonstrations, and attendance at performances. 

Music and Motion
Our Music and Motion program provides free dance classes for 1st–3rd grade students during the school week. A New Ballet School faculty member teaches the students on their campus, providing a fun introduction to music and dance through a mixture of counting, listening, and movement exercises. The Music and Motion classes explore the basics of melody, rhythm, and style as they relate to movement and dance. During these classes, a ballet school faculty member also identifies and invites promising dance students to enroll in our free First Step program at The New Ballet School.

First Step
The New Ballet’s First Step program is for students who have demonstrated enthusiasm and a natural aptitude for dance and provides a foundation for classical ballet training. Students participate in a weekly beginning level class taught on site at The New Ballet School and receive full dance attire, including a leotard, tights, and ballet shoes. They also have a parent observation class at the end of the session. Classes take place during Spring semester, typically January to May. At the end of the semester, a limited number of Continued Training Scholarships are offered to students to continue training at The New Ballet School.

Continued Training Scholarships
Students from the First Step Program who show aptitude to excel with continued training are offered full tuition scholarships to continue training through the levels of The New Ballet School, allowing those students to continue their training at the highest level through the end of high school.

Lecture Demonstrations
The New Ballet’s Lecture Demonstration program brings a live narrated dance demonstration and a lively lecture on campus to elementary and middle schools during their regular school hours. This special interactive experience is led by a member of our faculty and also includes a performance by some of our Studio Company dancers. This program is fun and educational and is a great way to inspire students in their journey with the arts.

After School Classes
Our After School Classes provide an opportunity for 1st–3rd grade students to further explore the fundamentals introduced in our Music and Motion classes through a multi-week course. One of our ballet instructors visits each participating school’s campus weekly for up to 10 weeks to teach a free beginning level dance class. Dance vocabulary is developed, along with flexibility, technique, and musicality. 

In Theater Experience
The students who participate in our Music and Motion, Lecture Demonstration, After School Classes, or First Step program also receive an invitation to attend an in-theater performance produced by The New Ballet. Both the students and their families are invited to the theater to experience an inside view of our production and the artistic process.

The New Ballet's Outreach and Scholarship Programs are funded in part by a Take Part grant from the City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs.