In the Community

The New Ballet School is a non-profit ballet school that provides the benefits of exposure to and training in classical ballet to our diverse San Jose community. On the stage, in the classroom, and in our community, New Ballet provides the opportunity for San Jose students and families to connect to their own sense of self-expression, to their peers, and to their community through a love of movement and dance.

The New Ballet offers expert ballet training with a focus on dancer health and child development at the only American Ballet Theatre Certified School in the region. Through outreach programs, through free community performances and by offering over $100,000 a year in scholarship training, the New Ballet aims to make exposure to expert ballet training and the highest level of artistic performances available to our diverse San Jose community. 

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New Ballet Outreach

The New Ballet School’s (NBS) Educational Outreach programs provide opportunities for East San Jose youth to have meaningful encounters with ballet and music through classes, lectures, demonstrations, and invited performances at San Jose theaters. 

Ballet in Motion

Every 1st, 2nd and 3rd grader at five underserved San Jose elementary schools participates in an introductory ballet class where they are guided through basic ballet vocabulary. Research has shown that early exposure to arts training leads to a much greater likelihood of a child becoming involved in the arts in middle school or high-school, and students are invited to continue their studies through our follow up programs.  Ballet in Motion provides a gateway to more involved dance study through our First Step and Continuing Scholarship programs.

After-School Dance Program

Taught by highly qualified professional instructors, the After-School Dance Program course provides an opportunity for K-3 students to develop flexibility, movement and dance skills. Culminating in a recital for friends and family, the After-School Dance Program is a tuition-free opportunity to take an introductory performance arts class. Select students are invited to continue their ballet study through the First Step Program. 

First Step Program

The First Step Program provides 18 weeks of ballet study at our downtown studios, with live piano accompaniment. Uniforms and ballet shoes are provided. First Step classes provide an opportunity for enthusiastic 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders (identified through After School Dance and Ballet in Motion classes), to experience expert ballet training. This type of dedicated study has been proven to have cognitive, behavioral and health benefits. For talented and motivated students, participation in the First Step Program can lead to a full Continuing Scholarship to train through the levels of our American Ballet Theatre Certified School. Through our Continuing Scholarships Program, up to six talented talented students identified through our Outreach programs study ballet on full scholarship The New Ballet School, the only American Ballet Theatre Certified School on the West Coast. Continuing Scholarships Continuing Scholarships allow dedicated students identified through our Outreach programs to train throughout the levels of NBS. Providing expert training for serious ballet students, NBS features the American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum, and provides training with a focus on dancer health and child development. Members of our ABT Certified Ballet Faculty have many years of experience providing expert artistic training to students ranging from 18 months to 22 years of age. Students enjoy classes in large, well equipped studios accompanied by live piano and have several performance opportunities during the year. Students who complete their ballet training are at a significant advantage for college placement, and our students go on to study at Ivy League schools, and at top universities on dance scholarships.

Outside of these Outreach programs and Continuing Scholarships, over $100,000 in scholarship training is provided to students based on need and merit.

Invited Audience Program

200 local students and their families from our Outreach Schools will be invited to attend dress rehearsals of The San Jose Nutcracker and Sleeping Beauty.

Community Performances

The New Ballet participates in numerous free community performances annually including the Santana Row Tree Lighting Ceremony, performances at St. James park, Christmas in the Park annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, and others, providing over 8,000 community members annually access to free classical ballet performances.